The crypto-location oracle network

Xyo network is all about bridging the gap between today and the future technologies that will rely on blockchain based structures supplemented with oracle based data. The location-based trade markets are an 11 trillion-dollar-per-year target and xyo looks to be the platform of the future for location based data trading.

All hail the crypto oracles xyo offers location based.

Xyo network, a blockchain-powered location network thats bringing blockchain to the real world, today released its first-ever yellow paper. Russian cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The crypto-location oracle network

Tokyo-based chat giant line. Xyo network (short for xy oracle network) is a crypto-location oracle network which is the first of its kind in the blockchain industry.

Xyo network first ever crypto-location oracle network.

At the center of it all sits one of the most exciting new cryptocurrencies that incentivizes the ecosystem - the xyo token. Key features of the xyo network verification does not involve any large, fee based corporations or institutions.

The crypto-location oracle network

Authors bitpanda digitizes. Xy, the company behind xyo, has built one of the largest networks of bluetooth and gps beacons in the world.

Crypto-location oracle network that is resistant to attack and achieves unprecedented accuracy and certainty within the given restraints of the system.

The xyo network ico overview - decentralized crypto-location oracle network.

Chile carlos terenzi. The xyo network runs on a completely transparent and autonomous system.

What is xyo network? The xyo network introduces a source of location data that originate from a vastly distributed network of interconnected devices that can deliver the data that location-based smart contracts.

The network aims to develop a series of crypto-location protocols and tools to help decentralize location-reliant applications and markets in the real world. The xyo network ico overview - decentralized crypto-location oracle network.