Rhian lewis bitcoin

Rhian is a software developer, writer and serial blockchain entrepreneur based between london and berlin.

Rhian lewis medium.

A dizzying array of credit and debit cards, loans and financial vehicles are advertised to us, and in britain, at least one of the.

Rhian lewis bitcoin

She sits down with scott and catches him up on the state of bitcoin, altcoin, and some of the tech behind blockchain technology.

Rhian lewiss articles on cointelegraph.

She has a bsc in economics from ucl and is a former digital journalist at thetimes.

Rhian lewis bitcoin

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Heavy users of the internet and social media are not more stressed out.

Why i run a group for women in bitcoin - rhian lewis - medium.

If you also make such presentations or are planning to do so, you should read in the beginning there was bitcoin.

She is the co-developer of cryptocurrency portfolio tracker countmycrypto.

She is also the co-host of london bitcoin women, which she founded with a friend in 2014.