Italian authorities seize bitcoin

An italian court has seized bitcoin wallets belonging to shuttered cryptocurrency exchange bitgrail as part of the companys bankruptcy proceedings, according to an official announcement published june 15.

Italian authorities seize bitgrail bitcoin - finder.

Kryptobörse bitgrail berichtet über beschlagnahmung von bitcoins durch behörden, nach gerichtlicher anordnung.

Italian authorities seize bitcoin

Italian authorities have now seized the exchanges bitcoin holdings on the grounds of genuine concern for its remaining assets following bitgrails ill-advised reopening.

Bitgrail was hacked in february 2018, with 170 million dollars worth of nano stolen which subsequently lead to a major price crash for the coin.

Bitgrail, the hacked italian bitcoin exchange, which lost approximately 170 million worth of the cryptocurrency nano, has faced seizure of its bitcoin holding by italian authorities after the order passed by court of florence. now requires identity.

Bitgrail crypto exchanges bitcoin wallet seized by.

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The same was confirmed by bitgrails founder francesco firano tweeted.