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Mexicos brutal drug war claims thousands of lives every year, as powerful trafficking groups battle it out for territory and influence. Partz uber ’s largest.

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Cartel boss is the

Both guzmn and zambada were among the people who founded the sinaloa cartel from the wreckage of the guadalajara cartel. Mode with rox banking.

El menchos cartel jalisco nueva generacion, or cjng, is responsible for at least a third of the drugs entering the u. The drug lord, whose real name is nemesio cervantes, is wanted for 10 million for running the cartel, jalisco nueva generacion, which is responsible for at least a third of the drugs entering the us.

Who is el mencho? Mexican cartel boss behind one-third of.

El mencho the worlds deadliest cartel boss replacing el chapo. Ismael el mayo zambada garca, the man many believe to have the most control over the sinaloa cartel, has spent five decades in the drug trade.

As of 2013, the sinaloa cartel continues to dominate the sonora-arizona corridor, which extends for nearly 375 miles. Upon his arrest, the guadalajara cartel was torn into two main factions the tijuana cartel, formed by his nephews, and the sinaloa cartel, formed by a small group of organizational leaders.

Quits india targets wealthy. Fbis most wanted drug lord, narco kingpin, running cartel jalisco new generation - cjng.