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Equity capital, on the other hand, is raised by selling shares of stock.

For more information on capital raising and different types of commitments made by the underwriter, please see our underwriting overview.

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The startup raised around 950,000 from over 1,100 contributors.

The respective appellate court, however, followed the opinion that the share split and the various capital increases as resolved in the ordinary shareholders meeting 2007 could only be registered and therefore become only legally valid if the adjustment of the new share figures (based on the interim capital raising measure) were approved again.

Io, a decentralized exchange (dex) and peer-to-peer trading solution, announced this past week that global investment firm bnktothefuture has acquired its technology to build a compliant platform for trading security tokens while allowing investors to maintain custody of their own funds.

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Following the success enjoyed by some banks - investment banks in particular - to raise capital on the capital market through equity issues, various banks - in the us initially, followed by europe at a later stage - repaid the capital injections received from the governments as well as state guarantee commitments.

Ideal capital raising skills, however, require determining a mix of both these types such that it is most cost effective.