Blockchain equity loan platform

-based financial ecosystem salt, an acronym for secured automated lending technology, is to support loans denominated in national currencies backed by blockchain assets including bitcoin, with.

Blockchain home equity loan platform figure technologies.

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Blockchain equity loan platform

Well show you how to use home equity to consolidate debt, pay for home improvement or fund your retirement.

Blockchain equity loan platform

Founded by the former sofi ceo, figure completed a 1 billion uncommitted financing facility via blockchain with jefferies and wsfs.

Euro finanzierungsfazilität mit jefferies und wsfs über die blockchain abgeschlossen.

Blockchain home equity loan platform raises 65 million.

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A blockchain-based home equity loan platform has raised 65 million from various major financial and venture capital firms.

Fintech startup figure, which was founded by sofi founder mike cagney, has reportedly raised 65 million from major venture capital funds.