Bitcoin price decline continues

As at press time on friday, bitcoin was trading at 6,340 on crypto exchange bifinex this indicates a drop by 3 percent from the initial high of 6,550 enjoyed during the day. Ethereum showed a lot of promise with its price increasing at a time when bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were declining, but the overall decline in value of cryptos has taken a toll on eth as well and its price is down substantially from its recent high.

Bitcoin price decline continues, 6k a possibility.

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Bitcoin price decline continues

Bitcoin prices continued to decline today, falling below 5,800 and reaching a new low for the year. The head of the winter games is promising sochi will be the safest place on earth during the olympics.

Bitcoin prices continue to decline, hitting fresh 2018 low.

Bitcoin prices continue to decline in the absence of positive news, the price of bitcoin continued to decline. Analysis looks at the basic chart indications and potential decline targets.

Bitcoin price decline continues

For many crypto currency enthusiasts, the path for bitcoin least resistance points to the downside. There is a bloodbath underway in the cryptocurrencies market as all major crypto assets such as bitcoin, ethereums ether, bitcoin cash, ripple and litecoin declined heavily during the past few sessions.

Chart indicators, specifically macd and rsi can still tolerate decline until reverse divergence occurs to the low near 7 may (see the magenta line in the chart above). Bitcoin casino for.

Bitcoin price continues plunge as congressional hearings loom.

Once this blatant technical buy signal flashes in the 4-hour chart, the market might. Bitcoin price continues decline in the face of popular sentiment that expects advance.

Darryn pollock agriculture getting. Bitcoins price reflected turmoil in cryptocurrency markets and fell to as low as 5,922 earlier this morning before recovering.

The price of bitcoin is down more than 8 percent today, continuing losses that began after the cryptocurrency slipped below the 7,000 level.