And cto emil oldenburg

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Com cto denounces bitcoin ive switched to.

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And cto emil oldenburg

Emil oldenburg is the swedish cto and one of the founders of bitcoin.

Emil oldenburg - stockholm, sweden professional profile.

Com co-founder and cto emil oldenburg critiques bitcoins performance and makes a case for bitcoin cash.

And cto emil oldenburg

He is so sure of this that he has sold his own bitcoin and is now using bitcoin cash, instead.

He says investing in the cryptocurrency at this point in time is a very risky investment indeed.

One of bitcoin. Coms founders has reinvested in another.

Oldenburg is also the co-founder of safello, a swedish bitcoin exchange.

Com has admitted he is skeptical about the direction in which its headed.

Com co-founder and cto emil oldenburg, bitcoin is useless and has no long run as a tradeable foreign money, bringing up prime transaction charges and lengthy lead instances.